Laganas resort, Zante (Zakynthos) Greece. One the most beautiful islands in the Ionian Sea.


Laganas is the largest and most popular resort in Zante island. It is the prime destination for young groups, couples of all ages and families from all over the world. The resort is located on the island's south coast. Here you will live the ultimate holiday experience in a truly awesome location.

Laganas beach

The famous sandy beach of Laganas is 9 km long and one of the longest in Greece. It is featured by warm and clean water. The beach as it slopes gently into the sea it is ideal for children. A significant part of the beach belongs to the National Marine Park as the home of the Caretta Caretta turtle, a now endangered species. During the warm nights of June and August, the female turtles seek for peaceful and dry parts of the beach in order to lay their eggs.

Laganas night life

Laganas is worldwide known for its mix of music, bars, clubs and party atmospheres. Our visitors enjoy parties with world class DJ's and numerous events. A wide variety of restaurants of all kinds, featuring Greek and international cuisine, can be found here as well.

Laganas day time activities

Laganas resort offers a vast variety of activities during the day. Amazing excursions to the notorious Turtle Island (Marathonissi) and swimming in the caves, turtle spotting with the glass bottom boat, canoeing, and for a change of scene, the country side and its olive oil trees and vineyards close to the sea can be explored on mountain bike or on foot. Horse riding is an alternative way to do this. Numerous souvenir shops with traditional products, off licence liquor and cigarette shops, as well as clothes and accessories stores can add to your shopping experience.