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Majestic Hotel & Spa is located in the center of Laganas, one of the most popular resorts of the Mediterranean, and promises you unforgettable holidays under the bright sun and at only 300m from the clear blue sea at Laganas Beach. The hotel meets your highest expectations, offering you unique comfort, exceptional style and supreme taste, harmoniously combining modern design and time-honored Greek hospitality. The spacious rooms, the luxurious spa, the well- appointed facilities and the delicious cuisine, all ensure to your remarkable stay.


Hotel Location

The exact location of Majestic Hotel & Spa is on the right side of the main street of Laganas, at just 300m distance from the worldwide known sandy beach of Laganas Gulf.


  • Zakynthos Town: 7 km
  • Main Port: 7 km
  • Airport: 6 km
  • Laganas Centre: 0 m
  • Taxi Station: 0 m (or on call)
  • Bus Stop: 0 m
  • Laganas Beach: 300 m


Laganas Resort    

Laganas is listed among the most popular holiday destinations worldwide attracting thousands of visitors of all ages every year, offering them memorable holidays and unexcelled experiences fulfilling every expectation.

Laganas beach

The famous sandy beach of Laganas stretches over a 5 km long coastline, one of the longest in Greece. Featured with shallow, crystal clear water it is particularly safe for children, ideal for long hours of carefree playing with the sand. Part of the beach belongs to the National Marine Park, which protects the Caretta Caretta sea turtle, an exceptionally rare species in danger of extinction in the recent years. On this peaceful beach, during the warm summer nights, the female turtles seek for right place to lay their eggs.

It is the prime destination for young groups, couples of all ages and families from all over the world. The resort is located on the island’s south coast. Here you will live the ultimate holiday experience in a truly awesome location.

Zakynthos Island

Zakynthos is one of the biggest islands of the Ionian Sea, and also the second biggest island in terms of population. It is also known as “Zante” or “Fior di Levante” (Flower of the East), and it is the birthplace of our national poet Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos, the homeland of serenades and operetta and refuge of the turtles “Caretta Caretta”.

The shores with the turquoise waters, the small gulfs with the crystal water hugs, the Venetian buildings and the various tourist attractions rank Zakynthos to the top destinations of the country.

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